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Entering the Monastery

Monastic life is no quick fix.  It is slower paced than outside the monastery, and it aims toward a lifelong commitment.

Therefore, the discernment process is cautious, providing the seeker time to taste the life before plunging in.  First let's look at a few basic requirements.

1.  You should be between 20 and 50 years old, unmarried, free of family obligations, debts, etc.

2.  You should be in good physical and mental health.  The monastery should be assured that you can respond to the demands of close community living and contribute towards its need to make a living.

3.  Since monks take a vow of obedience, you must be able to live with good will towards authority.

4.  Monks live a celibate life.  The monk lives without the normal channels of family life for experiencing and expressing love.  Instead, his commitment is to his brothers, and through his life with them he learns to love God in all people.

Normal Entrance Procedure

An introductory visit is for a week.  By working and praying together with the community, you get an idea of how monks live here.  You work with the monks and have visits with some of them.  If the experience proves positive, the community may invite you to a return visit.

If, after two or three visits, your interest in becoming a monk remains strong, and if the community believes that you may have a monastic vocation here, you will be invited to enter the six month Participant Program.  As a participant you will be living, praying  and working within the community, and will acquire deeper insight into your suitability for monastic life.

If you feel an attraction to this kind of life, write or email our vocation director for more details.

Vocation Director
St. Benedict's Monastery
1012 Monastery Road
Snowmass, Co. 81654-9399